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Al fresco tasting menu at På Kornet

Updated: Mar 7

I walked past På Kornet on a beautiful sunny afternoon and was a bit shocked to see that their outdoor area was completely empty! I guess this area is forgotten as it hasn’t got the same vibe as the bars in Vågen and Fargagata. På Kornet has perfect conditions if you want to sit outside in the sun in the late afternoon, they have a good beer selection AND they have proper food menu.

I decided to have their tasting menu and I got some fresh bread and charcuterie within minutes. There was a bit of Parma ham and various salamis from Ask Gård. I moved on to tomatoes from Hanasand gård with silken tofu with Asian flavors. A pretty, colorful, and tasty starter!

The beef tartare that came next was also colorful as it was covered in seeds and topped with a crunchy leaf of some sort. The tartare was good and had defined meat pieces. By this time, I was already getting full so they waited a bit before serving duck confit with Szechuan pepper gél and mushroom puré. I love duck (and chicken) confit, and this hit the spot – and the mushroom puré was like an explosion of mushroom and umami flavors. The dessert was poached rhubarb and a cream cheese spuma and it was not that good. Maybe it was because I was getting full, but it was not a dessert that worked for me.

But all in all, this was a good meal and I hope that more people will check out På Kornet this summer and support the only Gastro pub in town! Try their outdoor area and go for an al fresco dinner if the weather cooperates!

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