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Christmas at Sirkus Renaa

If you love Christmas (like Torill Renaa obviously does) you should check out Sirkus Renaa on Lagårdsveien. We stop by this place quite frequently as they have amazing croissants, delicious portion cakes, gelato, sandwiches etc. thanks to people like head baker Nikolai Meling and Hege Andersen. They also serve a good pizza and at night the place turns into a restaurant. Before Christmas, it seems like Torill gets carried away with the Christmas decoration.

It starts with a Christmas portal as you walk in the door and it continues with Christmas trees with beautiful decorations, toy soldiers, Christmas balls and ornaments, Santa stop etc. They also sell some Christmas products of course – like advent calendars, fresh panettone, Christmas chocolate boxes etc. So if you love a bit of Christmas spirit and atmosphere, Sirkus Renaa is worth stopping by!

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