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Enjoying Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani at Spisoh

We’ve become regulars at Spisoh, and it’s quickly risen to the top of our go-to list! On our latest visit, we popped in during a quiet weekday to indulge in some “midweek madness” dining. With only a few other guests around, we were able to place our orders swiftly, and within 15-20 minutes, our meals were ready. Initially, my Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani appeared modest in size, but it was deceptively filling! This aromatic rice dish was a delight, boasting a perfect balance of lightness and fluffiness, richly seasoned with an assortment of spices, and studded with succulent chicken pieces. I wish I could replicate such great rice in my own kitchen! Accompanying my meal was the Kerala Parotta, a delightful, flaky Indian flatbread that’s become a personal favorite. It conjures memories of the roti canai (or roti pratha) I’ve savored on my travels to Singapore and Malaysia.

Nikki opted for the lamb vindaloo, which was equally impressive. Contrary to what you might expect from a vindaloo, it wasn’t overly spicy, making it the perfect complement to dip our parotta into its rich sauce. Nikki’s ghee roast dosa, served with lentil stew and chutney, was another hit. This savory crepe, crafted from fermented batter, was ideal for dipping into the accompanying sauces and the vindaloo. We shared our dishes, generously ladling them onto our warmed serving platters.

Thank you to Spisoh for another hearty and tasteful dining experience. Your culinary creations are always a highlight for us.


- the only place in Stavanger with focus on South Indian food

- the lovely parotta!

- you can now enjoy the food with an ice-cold beer


- not really a cozy location

- lack of atmosphere

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