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Extensive wine selection at Vinkontoret

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you have lived in Stavanger for a while, you will probably remember the bar Kontoret on Skagen. A few years ago, they changed their profile and became Vinkontoret and the focus is now on wine. They share a wine cellar with the restaurant Matkontoret (formerly Restaurant Skagen) which I think is a great idea. We stopped by early Saturday night, and the small wine bar was packed. It has a bit of a "old school pub" look to it based on the interior, but I think it's a cozy place as they even have a fireplace and a casual vibe.

Lately we have visited wine bars such as Norvald Vinbar and Lapin in Pedersgata, but it was nice to return to the Vinkontoret. Their wine list has really become impressive and with the help of Coravin, they can offer A LOT of wine on glass! In fact, they can offer about 40 white wines and close to 50 red wines by the glass! And the wine list (about 50 pages long) is divided into grape sections with accompanying info, which is slightly different than the usual division per country and region. I can recommend a stop by Vinkontoret to sample a glass of wine – or bring some friends to share a good bottle! This is really a candy store for those who like wine!

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