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Flavors of Turkey and Afghanistan at Asmani

As mentioned before, Pedersgata has turned into quite the food street and you can find all sorts of food there. Recently we went to Asmani (which opened in Pedersgata last year) and they focus on Turkish and Afghan food. It is a small place with about 20 seats, and it seems to be more popular for takeaway as people would come and go. The menu has a few starters (sarma, pide, pakora etc) and various mains with grilled dishes with chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian. We went to the counter to order food and decided to have pakora to start with, grilled vegetables Shish Kebab (vegetables on a skewer) and Guvecte chicken sote.

From what I understand the name means something like chicken stew served in a sort of clay pot. We got the food after 15-20 minutes and we got the pakora at the same time as the main dish. There was a bit of confusion to who had ordered what, but we figured it out 😉 The Guvecte chicken sote was served in two parts: the stew covered with bread and a side plate with rice, onion, cabbage, yogurt and a sort of chutney. It is a fun way to serve it as you don’t know what underneath the bread. As we sliced through the thin bread, we found a sizzling tomato-based stew with vegetables and chicken pieces. I enjoyed both the bread and the stew – and it was great to have the cold vegetables on the side plate. Nikki got similar flavors, but her skewer was made up by mushroom and aubergine.

We enjoyed the food and we felt that it was a good portion. I’m not sure that I would call it a cozy restaurant as people came and went for takeaway, some loud guests that were streaming music/videos on the phones and a fan that didn’t work so the whole room was filled with smoke from the grill/oven. Thanks for serving up dinner Asmani – it was great to try out something that we have not had before!

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