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Friday night at A.Idsøe grill & berkel

Updated: Jan 9

We have been to A. Idsøe Grill & berkel a couple of times already. Once for a private event in the dining rooms – and to the grand opening. We returned on a Friday about a week after the opening and I was pleased to see the restaurant was quite full and with people of all ages. The restaurant is modern with a Scandinavian theme (if that is a thing). It was fun to see that they have used a bone ring on the napkin and it shows the eye for detail and link to the butcher shop. On this night we decided to make it easy and just go for the sharing menu as it was just the two of us. Soon we got some bread with some butter, and we got a charcuterie platter including Idsøes award winning coppa, parma ham, beer sausage, cheese, crackers and other condiments. I love a charcuterie platter and I could have this with every meal! Once we were done with the starter, we got the main served on a new platter.

This time the platter contained meat of the day (entrecôte from local Jæren), a good size bone with bone marrow, and some broccolini, onions and mushroom from Topp Sopp. On the side we got some delicious fries – and a small pot with béarnaise sauce! Life is good when you also get told that you can get a refill of the fries and sauce when you run empty! The meat was cooked to perfection and had a lovely taste – but it was not the most tender meat I have had. But there are different kinds of meat on the menu (in different price categories) ranging from local entrecôte to wagyu from Japan.

In the end I got the dessert – the “isbombe” (I guess also known as Omelette norvégienne). A shortcake topped with an ice cream and covered with an Italian style meringue. Thanks for the lovely dinner, Idsøe Grill & Berkel. I look forward to coming back and next time we will be sure to bring some friends so that we can try more of the items that are on the menu – and some of the wines that are on the wine menu!

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