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Happy Donuts opens in Stavanger

I stopped by Happy Donuts Stavanger in Klubbgaten in Stavanger recently! They have branches in Bergen and Kristiansand and on October 1st they opened in Stavanger and they have a good selection of donuts! It looks like they have done well in Bergen and Kristiansand and it will therefore be exciting to see how they will do in Stavanger / Sandnes as they will face competition from Doughnut Worry, Miss Donuts, Donuts R üS and Søt Donuts. As far as I understand, Happy Donuts are made in Denmark and then they are completed in the store. At a time when there is usually more focus on local produced food, this seems a little strange. Congratulations on opening a great store in Stavanger! I look forward to tasting different donut varieties.

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