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Havnespeilet Mathus: pizza, burgers and Asian street food

In November 2019 we got the sad news that Mondo was closing. Located inside Havnespeilet at Sandnes harbor, the location should be perfect for a restaurant, but it has been unoccupied since Mondo closed. But just a few weeks back, Havnespeilet Mathus opened and we got a chance to stop by on a Friday afternoon. The place has turned into a bit of a Kinder egg as it is 4 different concepts in one place. Vola Crust will have a focus on pizza, Kojachi on Asian street food, Smokey Flavours on burgers and Vola Gelato on gelato. So, in a way it is a bit like a food court (like a scaled down version of Via Village) and that is quite a new thing in the area. The restaurant looks great with different seating areas, different chairs, variation in colors and view to the kitchen. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the wine and beer menu is quite good.

Nikki decided to have halibut (kveite) in green curry from the Kojachi menu while I decided to order Lobster slider and “Havnespeilet Spesial” burger from the Smokey Flavours menu. The Lobster slider was served in minutes, and it looked great. The bun was warm and delicious, and the creamy lobster salad was very creamy. I would have preferred it a bit less creamy and more focus on lobster taste. The mains were also served fast, and Nikki’s green curry had lots of greens and vegetables and came with rice. The green curry reminded me of the green curry from Thailand and it had a bit of a kick. My burger was served with fries (I think this should be specified on the menu) and it looked good. It was easy to taste both the truffle and parmesan flavors in the topping on the burger, but the patty was a quite thin and due to this it was well done.

Conclusion: congratulations to Havnespeilet Mathus on the opening! In my opinion this is a great new concept in the area, and I think people will enjoy the possibility of ordering different food when eating here as larger groups.

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