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Limited menu at NB Sørensen Mat&Vin

Updated: Feb 20

Note that NB Sørensen has closed down permanently!

We have been to NB Sørensen Mat&Vin a few times – it is an icon in many ways in the restaurant lineup at Skagen. We went there on a Friday evening recently and were pleasantly surprised to see that they have done some renovation. It now looks “cleaner” and more stylish (less knickknacks basically). We got the menu and were a bit surprised to see that there was a lot of focus on Christmas food already in the end of October! I think it is great that there are options of getting Norwegian Christmas food at Stavanger restaurants, but I would also like to see a good range of other things on the menu. We decided to go for a tarte flambee to start with and burger as the main. We got the tarte flambee after 15-20 minutes and this is a French version of a pizza. It was fun to see that they had decided to be playful and have fenalår (traditional cured meat) on it and this was a good combination. I’m not sure how a tarte flambee should be like but I think I prefer an Italian pizza with a bit more crust as this version got a bit dry.

We soon got the burger, and it was served on a wooden platter with some ketchup and some fries. The burger was oozing cheese and was topped with both bacon and onion rings! The burger was very tasty, but I would have loved to see some more vegetables on there! (e.g. a good slice of pickled cucumber). The brioche bun was also good, and the fries were fresh and warm.

All in all, there is not much to complain about as the burger was good! But we were a bit disappointed by the menu options and I think that killed our vibe a bit. So we look forward to returning in the new year to try out the regular menu.


Location: Skagen 26 – see this Google map

Price: 169 kroner (18 USD) for the starter, 225 kroner (24 USD) for the burger

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