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LOKAL Greenshouse : bar, deli, bistro and bakery

LOKAL Greenhouse opened in June 2022 and are located right next to Cin Cin in Hospitalgata in downtown Stavanger. I stopped by just to have a look and it is an interesting concept. It is a deli, shop, bakery, café, bar and bistro and the focus will be local ingredients, organic products, sustainability etc.

As they have just opened, it is a bit tricky to tell how it will turn out (they have e.g still not released a full menu) but I think it can turn out to be a great concept. The chef is Italian, and I assume that this will influence the menu. This sounds delicious to me as I do enjoy the Italian kitchen! There will also be wine (with focus on low intervention wines from what I was told) , beer from e.g. Jåttå Gårdsbryggeri, eimealt fermented products etc. In the shop there will be pasta, chocolate from Lysefjorden sjokolade , cheese from Stavanger ysteri , mushroom from ToppSopp , meat products from Ask gård , various sauces from Midsummer etc. Congratulations on the opening – we look forward to seeing how this will turn out when you are up and running at full speed.

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