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Lunch in beautiful weather at Spiseriet

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

I love going to Spiseriet at Stavanger konserthus for an al fresco lunch on a sunny, warm summer day! The outdoor area can get very hot on a sunny day and make sure to bring some sunscreen if you want to enjoy the lunch outside. We went there recently and at 1 PM, it was quite empty. The menu has changed since the last time we were there and apparently there is a new head chef. I did enjoy the previous menu concept of many small dishes to choose from but I understand that this might not work as a crowd pleaser.

On this day, we decided to have Mikals røkelaks, SFC and chicken confit salad. The Mikals røkelaks is a smoked salmon salad in a small cone topped with roe – and I assume the salmon is from King Mikal Salmon. There was a great taste of the smoked salmon – and what a pretty dish this was! The SFC (Spiseriet Fried Chicken) is their take on KFC and this was delicious! Juicy chicken, crispy skin with teriyaki sauce and with a great chili mayo on the side. This was very easy to like but it was maybe a bit much as a snack portion.

Nikki enjoyed her chicken confit with grilled lettuce, pickled onion, and parmesan mayo. All in all, a great lunch in the sun outside the concert house! I can highly recommend a lunch like this when the Stavanger weather cooperates! We are also looking forward to going back there to check out the evening menu!


Perfect for al fresco lunch

Focus on using local products

New menu


New chef and new menu might lead to challenges

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