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Lutefisk at Bevaremegvel

Christmas is a special holiday in Norway and there is some great Christmas food that is served in November and December all over the country! These days there are many restaurants that offers Christmas food in Stavanger (check my Instagram guide with more suggestions) and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bevaremegvel Bar & restaurant to eat the famous Norwegian “lutefisk”. This is dried white fish made from aged stockfish, or dried and salted cod, pickled in lye! Bevaremegvel is a cozy restaurant and there was a bustling atmosphere when we arrived. Our starter was a juniper and aquavit pickled salmon with egg cream and rye breadcrumbs topped with rocket salad. I could not really taste juniper or aquavit and hence the salmon appeared just like smoked salmon, and it was a bit disappointing. This was quickly forgotten when the main course was served! I got a big piece of lutefisk that appeared perfectly made. It flaked nicely and was lovely along with a generous sprinkle of bacon pieces. In addition, the pea stew was good both on taste and consistency – and we got a lovely mustard sauce on the side and brown goat cheese to sprinkle on top. The dessert for a small piece of flan with some whipped cream. It was a bit on the sweet side, but I loved it! Bevaremegvel has a decent wine list and there is also a good selection if you want to taste some aquavit. Thanks for the good food, Bevaremegvel! It was excellent to have some Christmas food again.

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