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Molinå - new bakery and eatery

Updated: Mar 5

There is a new bakery in town – this time it is Molinå in Verksgata in downtown Stavanger! This is more than just a bakery as it seems like they want to bake with freshly milled flour (yes, there is a small mill in this place), they want to focus on sourdough, and they also want to be a café and eatery. Diego and Alejandro come from Peru and want to introduce something different to the Stavanger bread/sandwich scene and the plan is start an eatery for dinner at night.

We stopped by for a quick lunch and enjoyed Peruvian Chicharron sandwich. This was awesome as it came with a baked sweet potato that had a bit of a kick (I assume this was the rocoto), a pork rib that was juicy and tender and topped with an onion relish. I also see that they have Fugazzeta on the menu on weekdays – this is the onion cheesy pizza that you can find in Argentina (I had it in Buenos Aires and it was a treat for a cheese lover). You will also find empanadas and bagels on the menu. Good luck with the startup Molinå! We look forward to stopping by for a dinner when the eatery is up and running!

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