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New café in Søregaten - Flamingo Café

Flamingo café opened recently and it is located in the charming pedestrian street Søregata. We stopped by on a Saturday for lunch and as the weather was great, we could sit outside. The café has tables outside both in Søregaten and in Østervåg – both streets are quite busy, so we felt that we were a bit on display when sitting outside. But there is also lots of space inside and it is decorated and furnished in an old school way. We ordered online (there were instructions for this at the table) and that worked fine but I think it was only possible to pay with Vipps so I am not sure how easy that will be for foreign tourists. But then again, you can order inside and pay with a credit card.

The menu seemed to be quite typical for a café with some sandwiches, a couple of hot dishes, coffee, beer, and wine. We decided to have a couple of sandwiches and I ordered the Club sandwich and Nikki the grilled vegetables sandwich. My club sandwich was OK but the bread was a bit dry in my opinion and it would have been a good idea to half it before it was served. Nikki’s grilled vegetable sandwich came with a few grilled vegetables (including asparagus) and there was supposed to be a vegan chili mayonnaise, but Nikki was not able to taste any chili flavor in the sandwich. I do enjoy drinking coffee at cafes, and it is great to taste different varieties and see the craftmanship involved when making coffee. Due this, I was disappointed to see that Flamingo was brewing coffee from what seemed to be a big Nespresso machine.

All in all, a cozy café in a charming street and it is great to see that they are making and serving food based on local ingredients (e.g sweets from Chili Chocolate located in the same street).


Location: Søregata 30 - see this Google map

Price: 28 kroner (3 USD) for a double espresso, 139 kroner (15 USD) for club sandwich

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