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Sidd'is Gelato opens store in Pedersgata!

I love ice cream and over the last couple of years, it has finally been possible to buy good quality gelato and sorbet in Stavanger. With places like Renaa Xpress (GoIs) and Siddis Gelato, we have been able to taste awesome flavors and combination. My favorite is Siddis Gelato and for the last year they have been producing at a location and Eiganes and selling on Facebook and at local farmers markets. But last weekend, Siddis Gelato also opened a store in Pedersgata - the food street of Stavanger. Now you can stop by to taste some of the great gelati and sorbet that they make!

My favorites are tindved sorbet (sea buckthorn or is it hippophae?), salt caramel gelato and espresso gelato. The tindved sorbet is in the final of Det Norske måltid (food award of Norway). Make sure to stop by Siddis Gelato and support the great local producer of gelato and sorbet – so that we can continue to enjoy the great quality flavors that are produced there! The gelato store in Pedersgata is located no. 46 (right next to Casa Gio and across the street from Panzanella).

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