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Spicy Thai food at Wanna Sushi & Thai

Updated: Feb 22

One of our new year resolutions is to eat at smaller and less known places in the Stavanger area. So as a midweek madness, we had dinner at Wanna Sushi & Thai. This small restaurant, located in a tiny street near Breitorget, serves as the name suggests, both sushi and Thai. As this was a cold January evening, we decided to focus on Thai food. I started with the classic soup Tom Yum Goong. This is a soup flavored with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and it contains shrimps. I have been to Thailand a few times, but that does not make me an expert on Thai food of course but this tom yum goong was good. It was spicy, rich and full of flavors, but I did find it to be a bit sweet! Nikki had a couple of halibut nigiri and they were also good.

As main dish, I decided to have prawn in green curry while Nikki had the panaeng curry with chicken. We did ask for it spicy and we got what we wanted! The panaeng curry was hot and there were lots of chilis hiding in the sauce and in between the chicken pieces. I found it to be a bit salty, but it did not stop us from enjoying the warmth of this spicy dish. The green curry was also very good and quite spicy, and there was a lot of prawns to my surprise. As we did share the food and only took a bit of rice and curry at the time, it would have been great if our plates had been pre-warmed. All in all, thanks for a spicy and warming dinner on a cold January night. This brought back good memories from our trips to Thailand!

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