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Wedding anniversary at Restaurant SÖL

We have been to Restaurant SÖL a few times before and it has always been a joy. In September we had a table again to celebrate our wedding anniversary! The restaurant was full when we got there at 6.30pm - the place is popular so be sure to book a table! The concept is the same as before- they have a set menu, and you can get a wine pairing or order what you want to drink from an extensive menu. Note that they do focus a lot of nature wines. We decided to stick with wine pairing and soon we got sourdough bread on the table with some fluffy butter on the side. I love bread and it is a joy to take a slice of bread and see the steam coming from the the hot, fresh bread!

The first "proper" dish included pumpkin from Brimse along with a mixture of kale and black cabbage. The dish look good and tasted lovely! We then went over to a pan-fried pollock with a pasta slice on the side. The pasta had a bit of roe (løyrom) that was a bit tricky to spot at first. Under the pasta there were some legumes, and the fish was perfectly fried if you ask me. Restaurant SÖL stuck to a traditional menu this evening so the next dish was meat! Here we got a small piece of forest pig from Klostergården together with romanesco, a mushroom foam sauce, pickled onions and more. This was an incredibly good dish with lots of flavor of the mushrooms and a delicious piece of quality meat! We ended the meal with a ice cream with plums from Hjelmeland topped with a biscuit - a biscuit that went well with the mead we got as a drink for dessert.

And as a snack in the end, we got potato donuts before we unfortunately had to leave the restaurant in favor of the next table setting. It is great to see that Restaurant SÖL still doing a great job and they keep on serving good food and pouring good wine. Thank you for the experience, Restaurant SÖL - we look forward to the next visit!

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