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Another evening at ANGR

We have been to ANGR a couple of times before and we like the concept of local and Nordic-inspired food. This time we stopped by on a Friday night and they have adjusted the concept a bit because now there was full focus on the set menu and not a la carte. We did not mind as we wanted the full menu and wine pairing. It did not take long before we got warm, fresh bread served with delicious butter - and I love that combination. Before I managed to get full by eating bread, the first dish was served and it was cured Ling (Lange in Norwegian) with potatoes and topped with edible flowers. The dish was so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to touch at first. I'm not sure how the fish is cured, but this was delicious. The next dish was a "vegetarian dish" where pearl barley was mixed with peas and broad beans before we switched to seafood again and had grilled mussels with kale and tomato in a whey sauce. It was exciting to have mussels served a little differently I also appreciate kale so that was also great. After a quick little break with a cucumber granite (which now works better) we got some meat served with beets, carrots and a beer sauce. Unfortunately the meat was not as tender as you always hope and dream of but the beets and carrots were tasty. We rounded off with yogurt and white chocolate served with raspberry sorbet and raspberries - and this was fresh and delicious. Again we had a wonderful evening at ANGR with good food and good wine and if you like Restaurant SÖL, I can safely recommend ANGR. The food was maybe served slightly to fast but apart from that we enjoyed good service and cozy atmosphere. Thanks for the food ANGR.

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