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Colorful and tasty at Matkontoret

Updated: Jun 26

Note that Matkontoret closed down in 2023!

We stopped by Matkontoret for a quick meal before going to the cinema and luckily they were kind enough to serve the food fairly quickly so we could catch our show. Matkontoret is located where Sjøhuset Skagen used to be - one of the first restaurants in Stavanger! This is an old sea house and the interior bears the mark of it - but Matkontoret has tried to lighten the atmosphere a bit. The concept is quite simple - you can order as many dishes as you want, and they all cost 125 kroner. The concept is probably best as a 5 course or 7 course dinner with wine pairing - and with Vinkontoret next door, you have access to lots of good wine! We just wanted a taste of the food this evening, so we ordered 4 dishes to share.

First we got a piece of warm sourdough bread along with some caramelized butter and it was delicious! The first dish which was tomatoes from nearby Finnøy topped with strips of kohlrabi (or knutekål in Norwegian) and with a bit of lime and pumpkin seeds. A fresh dish where we enjoyed the fresh tomatoes and used the bread to scoop up the good juice. After a few minutes we got a colorful dish: versions of carrot with kale and grilled fennel. We got carrots boiled, mashed and pickled and it was delicious in combination with fennel, crispy serrano ham and kale. The pickling of vegetables is incredibly good and these pickled carrots were amazing.

Next we got some meat as we were served tataki of tenderloin with onion compote, thin crispy onion rings and beets. The tenderloin was really tender and it is fascinating to see how different onions can taste when handled in different ways. We rounded off with lamb from Hardanger with cauliflower, radicchio (red salad) and fava beans. This was a very good meal Matkontoret ! Colorful, tasty and creative dishes with lots of delicious local vegetables! We have to stop by again for a proper dinner with wine pairing!

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