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Enjoying food at Bravo - again!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We have been back to Bravo in Pedersgata a few times now. They still have the warm atmosphere, informal setting yet great service and mouthwatering food. You might ask what cuisine they focus on – but it seems like they just focus on good food made from local products. We started with a fresh and mineral wine from Envinate that is grown on the slopes of the volcano Teide on Tenerife. It did need some time in the carafe as chef suggested.

We started with the beautiful steak tartare with herbs, salad and wild garlic and some fresh tomatoes with some mild chili ancho. The cauliflower was beautiful as I think it had pickled and mashed cauliflower and everything is delicious when it is topped with parmesan cheese, right? The ling in brown butter with greens from Brimse gard also hit the spot and the last main was a juicy sausage with cabbage.

We did have room for some dessert, and I enjoyed some cream cheese ice cream with rhubarb.

Conclusion is that Bravo is a place that you should stop by soon to enjoy some good food and wine with friends!


Informal and good service

Scrumptious food


Short menu

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