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Maggis Munchies: slow food - fast

Once again, I went to Pedersgata to check out a new place – this time Maggis Munchies. The slogan is “slow food – fast” and the concept seems to be salads bowls, wraps and sandwiches with a focus on locally produces vegetables and comfort food that can be prepared fast. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon and there were only a few other people there and they were all getting food to eat out.

The restaurant seems to be a hole in the wall from the street, but it opens up quite a bit when you enter with 2-3 tables with highchairs and a sofa to wait on if you are just picking up stuff. The friendly chef asked me what I wanted to try out and I decided to go all vegan (for once) and I ordered the red falafel bowl. The bowl was served in a “cardboard” bowl after a few minutes and the presentation was an explosion of colors. The green from the herbs and salad, orange carrots, the red beetroot puree, the off-white couscous and the slightly reddish (and warm) falafel balls – topped with a vegan aioli.

The salad was great with the fresh salad, the warm falafel balls, the great beetroot puree and even the vegan aioli. And it was great to see that they have a variety on the menu as you can also get a pork bowl and a beef bowl and even a chicken bowl (well, called super Caesar salad).

Conclusion: The places is open from 11 am to 8 pm but I’m not sure what kind of market the place is targeting. Maggis Munchies is not inviting as a restaurant (as there are not that many tables) and I think most people will just order and pick up their food. I hope that Stavanger is ready for a place like this – I see places like this all the time when I travel but it has not been common to see restaurants like this in Stavanger. I do hope they find their niche as this is a good add on to the restaurant scene in Stavanger! I’m looking forward to going there again to try out some of their other dishes.

Location: Nytorget 8 – see this Google map

Price: a bowl is from 160 til 190 kroner (18 to 22 USD)

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