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Seid Grill & Cocktailbar - amazing views of Stavanger!

Just a few weeks back, the new Seid Grill & Cocktailbar opened at the very top of Stavanger’s new “skyscraper” K8. Located on the 16th floor, this is the first restaurant with a grand view of downtown Stavanger! When walking in you can see there has been focus on details as you are met by the restaurant logo as a mosaic on the floor and high ceiling with windows from floor to ceiling. There is a bar section that looks classy, and this also leads out to the open-air terrace with grand views of Stavanger and the harbor. The restaurant features small and large tables, comfortable chairs, and a view of the kitchen where the focus is grilling meat, fish and vegetables.

We went there on a Friday night and the view was stunning from our corner table. The menu is not extensive but features some snacks, some starters and the mains are mushroom, fish or meat. You can also get 3, 5 or 7 courses as a set menu. We started by enjoying a cocktail while exploring the menu and marveling at the grand view! We decided to go à la carte and started with some bread with salty butter and some smoked trout. Restaurant manager Siggi Ragnarsson also complimented us with some pork cracklings with a lovely smoky mayo and oysters topped with passion fruit that was quite a treat. I continued with a steak tartare from Wagyu meat from local producer Nyyyt and this was delicious. Topped with crispy slices of Jerusalem artichoke and a sauce based on local cheese Jærosten from Voll Ysteri, this was a dish that I wanted to savor together with the Pinot Noir from BloodRoot.

The sun was starting to set, and we got our main dish of the evening: a New York strip steak (I guess something equivalent to sirloin) that was served with onion, Jerusalem artichokes, Café de Paris butter and Bordelaise sauce! The meat comes from Nyyyt and was dry aged and it was cooked to perfection! Dry aged meat has a different consistency which might come as a surprise to some, but this was lovely with the sides and Café de Paris butter. I like my Bordelaise sauce more intense and thicker but that is a personal preference of course! We initially thought that the meat would be served with no sides, so we ordered grilled cabbage and potatoes. I think we would have been fine this evening just with the side that came with the meat.

Congratulations to restaurant managers Karl Erik Pallesen & Siggi Ragnarsson , bar manager Claire Liard and chef Kenneth Laupstad on the opening of a spectacular restaurant and bar. It is great to see that there has been focus on choosing and promoting local products – from Nyyt, Toppsopp, Austrått kaffebrenneri, Voll Ysteri etc. The main attraction of Seid will be good food with a view – or good cocktails with a view. And when they get some chairs and tables on the terrace outside, it will be the most popular spot in Stavanger on a sunny summer day. We look forward to returning to Seid to go for a more extensive set menu to taste more of the food on the menu!


- Food and drinks with a view!

- Focus on local products

- open-air terrace


- Not an extensive menu

- Would like to see more sauce options

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