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An evening at Restaurant SÖL

Updated: Mar 5

Restaurant SÖL has been one of our go to places for a number of years and we had the pleasure of re-visiting in September 2022. There were no familiar faces in the restaurant kitchen, but the pleasant atmosphere was still the same. We started with some fresh, warm sourdough bread with a whipped butter on the side – always a treat for a bread lover ;-)

The focus is still on natural wine and we started with an orange wine from Milan Nestarec and this went well with the first dish of the evening: squash from Brimse Gård and cream cheese topped with a fermented tomato broth based on tomatoes from Hanasand Gård . I enjoyed this dish mainly because the rich and intense tomato broth and the contrast to the cheese. Next was a piece of ling (lange in Norwegian) on pumpkin from Brimse Gård and spiced up with a sauce from . The fish was perfect, and the pumpkin had a kick without being too spicy. We got a very light orange wine with this – the Succesvinicola Experiència Parellada .

We moved on to lamb from Kloster garden that was simply amazing! So tender and full of flavors. The cabbage from Brimse was not that exciting but the Turi Marino Rosso Nero D’Avola red wine was a good pair to the meat. For dessert we got Nýr (a creme fraiche/sour cream product) topped with a plum and served with a Chateau Lafitte Doux . The wine does have quite a lot of sugar but also a lot of acidity and that was balanced in a beautiful way. All in all, we had a good meal, but the service was a bit on the fast side – we would have enjoyed a bit more time between the different servings. The menu was a bit on the safe side especially if you have been there before – but maybe it is important to build a signature menu with signature servings. I still recommend Restaurant SÖL especially if you have not been there before! Thanks for a good meal!

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