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Restaurant K2 - great food in a relaxing atmosphere

Updated: Mar 5

It has been a couple of years since we went to Restaurant K2. Since then, the restaurant has been noticed as it is mentioned in the Michelin guide and 360 Eat Guide.

We had a reservation at 6 pm and owner Ole Klepp welcomed us and showed us to the table. The restaurant has interior in modern Scandinavian style and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. We got a table with a view to the kitchen which is always interesting.

The menu options are simple as you can choose to have a 7-course fish/meat menu or vegetarian menu. We decided to have one of each to be able to sample more food. K2 still focus on organic and local vegetables and they still ferment and cure various food to use this in the serving. The starter was a colorful and tasty platter with food like fish from nearby Janas Fiskerøkeri , black pudding with apple compote , nettle is a lemon emulsion etc. Together with a dark bread and homemade butter, this was a delicious start to the meal.

K2 offers a drink pairing with the food that also includes cocktails and I started with a glass of rhubarb spritz. We continued with a lovely ceviche with variations of tomatoes from Hanasand Gård before getting some grilled cabbage, with a whey sauce (from nearby Stavanger Ysteri) flavored with an emulsion of nettle – who knew cabbage could be that tasty! The next dish for me was monkfish while Nikki got mushroom from Topp Sopp . My fish had a lovely grill taste and Nikki loved the consistency and taste of the grilled mushroom. My main was a bit of tenderloin of lamb from Klostergarden with mushroom and variations of cabbage and greens while Nikki got yellow beets from Brimse gård with a choron sauce. My meat was juicy and tender, but it would have been great with just a bit more.

To round of the meal, we got strawberries and some cream cheese ice cream – and their version of strawberry daiquiri as drink pairing! Just lovely in other word. And finally, a sweet snack platter with a canelé, a marshmallow with citrus marmalade, a piece of waffle with some brown goat cheese and some rhubarb. We enjoyed this meal at K2 – the service was great, lovely atmosphere, great food and amazing to see that it is possible to focus on sustainability and at the same time serve delicious food.

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