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Another wonderful evening at RE-NAA

Updated: Feb 28

Dessert RE-NAACongratulations to RE-NAA on maintaining the two Michelin stars! It is the only restaurant in Norway with 2 stars now, while Maaemo in Oslo has three stars. This fine dining restaurant should not be confused with Renaa Matbaren located nearby. Matbaren is a more informal bistro but is a great restaurant to check out if you are visiting Stavanger.

We were lucky to get a table at RE-NAA in June 2022 and it was amazing to have the pleasure to eat there once again. I will not go into the details of the food as I think that the photos will give you an idea of what to expect. As before, you only get a menu with an indication of what you will get during the evening. All in all, it is about 22 different servings and there is a lot of focus on seafood to start with. The only thing you must decide is if you want to order good or better wine pairing – or just order separately from the wine menu. As always, it was interesting to see the dynamic of work in the kitchen. With the open kitchen, you get a full view of the work involved to create some of the dishes and how executive chef Mathew Leong kept an eye on all the chefs in work.

Some of the best dishes this time was daikon with tarragon, mussel with yeast sauce, squid with black garlic and monkfish with morel mushroom. An evening at this restaurant is still highly recommended!

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