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Another visit to Bellies

Updated: Mar 14

We have been to Bellies before and have enjoyed it! This time we met up with a couple of friends on a Saturday in April 2022 to enjoy an evening of food, wine, and good company! The sun was shining as we got there, and we got a table by the window, and we soon got the first snack.

The initial snack was not only good but looked stunning and was beautifully presented. It would have been great to have a menu at this point to keep track of what we were eating but we just sat back and enjoyed. We moved over to a bao that was a bit on the firm side and then we got the awesome pita breads! These breads came piping hot straight from the pizza oven and was served with hummus and baba ganoush. The next dish of tomato and white asparagus was a bit bland, but we got an explosion of flavors in the next dish with various vegetables and herbs from Brimse gård and with a shitake broth.

The variations of red beets dish was also great – I loved the combination of the beet puré and the baked beet. We also got a Jerusalem Artichoke dish (or jordskokk as it is called here in Norway) before we got a baked celeriac which I found lovely (but I do like my celeriac). It was time for dessert, and we started with a beautiful dish of meringue and ice cream that was delicious and we rounded of the evening with some Fyndig cider from nearby farm Eiane Gard and variations of rhubarb.

All in all, an excellent evening Bellies. The food is great, the service is excellent, and it seems like the cooking and serving is done with confidence. The natural wine was not too funky and there is a calm atmosphere in the restaurant that made this into a relaxing evening. There is quite a lot of details when the food is served, and I think it would have been better with a short summary menu at the table to keep track of the progress. I look forward to going back to Bellies already!

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