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Lunch at Bellies

We have been to Bellies a few times and I think that it is still Stavanger's only vegan restaurant. Some may hesitate when they hear the word "vegan", but that doesn't mean that the food is boring in this place! food writer Mathias Steinbru, for example, highlighted Bellies in his article about the best dining experiences of 2021, writing "A vegan restaurant where taste is the most important thing" (read the article here ). They are also on the Star Wine List of places in Stavanger with lots of good wine – and then focusing on natural wines (see the article here) We stopped by for Friday lunch and on a sunny day, there is a lot of light flooding in through large windows.

The lunch menu is limited, but I was happy when I saw the classic "Jamaican stew" on the menu – a dish that has been with them since Øystein Lunde Ohna ran a small place called Resept in Stavanger. This is a stew of sweet potato and eggplant seasoned with a kind of curry and topped with deep-fried plantain slices if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, a delicious warming stew served with a fresh pita bread turned this into a delicious lunch. Nikki was also pleased with her falafel served in a fresh pita bread – and it was very good to have a bottle of Skog 03 from Villbrygg. If you fancy something sweet after dinner, they also have some of the Coco Kanel cakes on the menu and they are delicious! Thanks for the food Bellies – we look forward to coming to dinner soon to enjoy good food and good wine! If you haven't been to Bellies yet because you're skeptical about vegan food, just cast aside all prejudices and book a table. I think you will be surprised, and it will be a tasty evening!

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