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Lounging at Bellies

We have been to Bellies a couple of times before and they can offer both good food and good wine. On a Saturday night we stopped by to check out their lounge. In short, the lounge is a couple of sofas and armchairs at the entrance where one can enjoy food and a glass of wine. The sofa and chairs were quite deep, so I think it is best to sit at a regular table if you are going through the whole menu. As they had some problems with the pizza dough that day, we got to taste the regular menu but Bellies is quite flexible and we were told to let them know when we were full.

We started with a small "taco" and a mushroom that was fried with a little dash of tarragon cream on top. The next dish was meze which we have been to before - delicious hummus, good Baba Ghanoush, a small salad with fermented berries and a delicious hot pita bread (I’m a sucker for bread). We had a small gazpacho made from squash topped with fermented white strawberries, we had a small pea "stew" topped with porcini mushrooms and I rounded off with a delicious fresh cabbage that was fried and topped with, among other things, galangal and it tasted like a lovely green curry from Thailand. To drink we had a Spanish orange wine from O Pando Orange from La Perdida.

As we paid the bill, we got a couple of rhubarb sticks to chew on - it reminds me of my childhood as we picked rhubarb in our garden and dipped it in too much sugar. Thanks for the good food Bellies, it is always a treat to taste your various twists on the different platters. Nikki is already looking forward to your champagne lunch!

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