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Lunch date at Cin Cin

We went for lunch on Cin Cin on a Saturday as we had a good dinner there this summer (see the review here). Cin Cin has a unique character and the description from their homepage is “Italian and French cuisine with a dash of Asia...“ and we noticed that when we had dinner there in the summer. At lunch, the menu is a bit more limited with a few Asian options and a few Italian options.

After we got some wine, we ordered the food and I decided to go for the classic Risotto alla Milanese and Nikki wanted the bento lunch box. We got the food surprisingly fast and Nikki got a Thai style curry soup to start with before the rest of the bento box was served. My risotto was yellow and creamy and did not disappoint. There seemed to be a bit more onion in it than I am used to (or maybe it was less fried that what I'm used to) as there was more prominent onion taste. But all in all, a good risotto – I like saffron and it gives an awesome color and great taste.

The bento box included quite a bit - tempura, steamed bun, yakitori on a stick, tataki, sashimi etc. Lots of good flavors on one plate but I think I would have preferred a steamed but that was filled with meat and sauce – and not only as a wraparound to the yakitori. But conclusion is that Cin Cin is also a good option for a lunch date. Located in the middle of Stavanger and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere with the open plan layout and view to the kitchen. I’m sure we will be back soon.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Hospitalsgata 6 – see this Google map Price: Bento box is 395 kroner (45 USD) and risotto is 215 kroner (24 USD)

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