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An evening with friends at K2

Updated: Feb 21

We were lucky to get a table at Restaurant K2 on a Friday night – they are popular after being in the limelight (e.g. being awarded “kitchen of the year” by Matprisen, being mentioned in 360eatguide etc). We started the evening with some cocktails before the starters were served – it is a set menu so you only have to choose what to drink. Snacks to start with included buckling, crispy pork skin, black pudding, delicious dark bread together with a platter of topping.

We soon moved to a perfect sized tartar portion topped with a bit of crunch followed by a grilled piece of cabbage that had lovely smoked flavors. A small piece of arctic cod was served with an incredible whey sauce (whey from Stavanger ysteri) topped with a bit of roe – this was the best dish of the evening for me! The squid was served with mushroom and a mushroom sauce that was quite salty – maybe over the top even for me that loves saltiness.

The main was reindeer and beets and you can’t really go wrong with this – the reindeer was delightfully tender. We moved over to the dessert part and started with a sort of yogurt pannacotta. This was a pretty dish but maybe the weakest link in the meal – there was not a lot of taste in the yogurt and sauce. The next cream cheese ice cream with pumpkin was better and got the meal back on track. We rounded off with a superb selection of sweet treats featuring waffles with a brown goat cheese topping, merengue with a citrus topping and a very satisfying canelé at the very end. Thanks for another great food experience K2! The service is great, there is a warm atmosphere in the restaurant, and it seems like there is great teamwork in the kitchen! I like that K2 continues to experiment with cocktails as food pairing – even if I do prefer wine. Congratulations on the awards – it is amazing how so much good food can be produced even when there is a focus on sustainability and minimum impact. It will be exciting to see how this story continues!

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