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Annual National Croissant day!

January 30th is National Croissant Day and this had to celebrate this weekend of course 😉 Sirkus Renaa is leading the way in this celebration here in Stavanger and this year they could offer a range of croissants with flavors such as cherry, coffee ganache, pecan in addition to medialunas (an Argentinian version of the croissant) with various filling – including dulce de leche. There was also a savory version, but I prefer sweetness to be honest. At the moment there is no one else in Stavanger that can compete with Sirkus Renaa when we are talking about croissants. Their regular croissants are large, crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. This year I only got to taste the cherry and coffee versions and I loved the coffee ganache filling – but I would have preferred even more coffee taste. The cherry version had a nice contrast between the cream cheese filling and the tangy cherry jelly. And just look at them – they look stunning and are works of art! Well done Sirkus Renaa – and happy Croissant Day to all of you.

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