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Another great evening at Tango

We have had the pleasure of visiting Tango before, and it has been good experiences. In May 2021 we visited again with a couple of friends, and we were directed to a table with a view of the city square when we arrived around 7 pm. There is a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the restaurant, and you slide into some lovely soft chairs at the table. The menu is set, and we chose to get it as a surprise along the way and we chose the wine pairing.

After getting some champagne in the glass, we got some slices of pork from Klostergarden that Tango has cured over a 3 year period! It tasted lovely and reminded me of good pancetta from Italy. We then started with the menu where we started with scallops and raw prawns – with some stock added at the table. On top was a small work of art to be crushed and mixed with the rest - it felt wrong to crush this beautiful decor! Soon we got some warm bread, and this is made by Rosenkildehaven bakery which I have written about before. I love a fresh and warm sourdough bread and served with an herbal butter so this was an absolutely fantastic combination! And it went well with some bread to get the rest of the delicious flavors from the scallop appetizer. The next dish was baked squid with celeriac and then a sauce of browned butter, black garlic and oil was added and it was a taste experience. It's lovely with black garlic and this sauce was amazing along with the tender squid. We went on to a piece of hake (lysing in Norwegian) with a wonderful intense sauce of crab - served with a rose champagne. It is always good with some meat, and we got this in the form of a piece of chicken served with asparagus. And at the table, the dish was topped with a strong morel sauce - served with a burgundy wine, this was delicious. Maybe it looked like we were extra hungry, but we also got a couple of chicken clubs as a little just before the big cheese platter was pulled out. We were tempted to taste the selection and it was served with some sweet fruits and a bit of port wine. We rounded off the evening with yogurt icecream on crumble served with rhubarb and eiswein from Tschida. We also got some petit fours before we went out into the center of Stavanger happy and content.

We are lucky to live in a city with many great restaurants and Tango stands out as one of the city's best places to eat! Thank you for good service in an informal setting from, among others, sommelier Jonathan, thank you for good food from chef Eirik and thank you for also considering lactose intolerance in one of the guests. We look forward to returning on another occasion!


Location: Skagen 3. See this Google map

Price: 1190 kroner for set menu (140 USD)

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