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Midweek madness at Restaurant K2

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I have been fortunate to visit Restaurant K2 in Pedersgata before but this was the first visit after they got a red and a green Michelin star! We were met by the door and were taken to our table and there is still a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant. The menu is set, and you only have to decide what you want to drink with the food – we decided to have the alcohol-free drink pairing with the food this evening.

We started with a dark, tasty blueberry drink before we got the first mouthfuls of food. The baked beetroot had a clean, strong beetroot taste and the crispy fish skin was delicious with a bit of dip. The focus for the restaurant is still sustainability and zero waste so a lot of the food has been made with various leftovers from other dishes.

We moved on to ceviche with variations of tomatoes from Hanasand gard and this was a treat. We got a lovely apple based drink for the next dish : bøkling (salted, smoked herring) with house made rye bread, a liver pâté from pork from Klostergarden , butter and a citrus “Crème fraiche”. The small bøkling was lovely combined with the citrus cream and the liver pâté was amazing!

The pace of the service was perfect, and the chefs took turns giving us information about the various dishes that we got. Next up was a bit of rye bread topped with chicken liver cream topped with marinated blackcurrants. This dish was to die for! We also got a piece of blood sausage (with blood from cows at Line gard I think) topped with slices of local pear. I don’t have a lot of experience with blood sausage, but this was smooth, and I would never have guessed that this was a blood sausage in a blind test.

We moved on to steak tartare from the local Reime farm based on Dexter cows. It was hand chopped and came with some mustard seed, buckwheat etc. to make it a bit crunchy and to add flavors. It was time to get the first warm dish of the evening and we got a piece of hake in a creamy sauce flavored with mussel stock and with cabbage. Not the most innovative dish maybe but still very satisfying.

For the next dish we got a tomato consommé-based drink which was strange on its own. It did make more sense when we paired it with the food: raw shrimp on a chili and bell pepper “ratatouille” topped with an intense shrimp sauce. The dish had a bit more kick than expected and it was a bit like having a Thai dish where fermented shrimp paste has been used.

The main dish of the evening was a piece of pork (again from Klostergarden) served with some mushroom, apple and a silky-smooth potato puree. The meat was good but there were some very chewy bits in the meat. Maybe I was just unlucky with my cut.

We rounded off the meal with a great pear-based dessert with a compote, slices of pear, white chocolate cream and an ice cream. The ice cream was topped with bergamot oil that gave the whole dish an amazing aroma! The bergamot oil was intense on its own, but it mixed so well with the ice cream – this was just a lovely dessert!

In the end, we had a cold coffee drink (with coffee from Austraatt kaffebrenneri ) topped with a foam flavored with tonka beans. The sweet treats were some sweet biscuit, homemade marshmallows and house made canelé – made a bit Norwegian by using goatmilk and aquavit.

All in all, a great dinner experience with good food based on lots of local ingredients and with a focus on sustainability and zero waste. It is great to see that they have fun with some of the details like the business card that contains seeds and the drawing under the canelé that gives you the recipe. If you haven’t been to K2 yet, you should put it on your to do list!

Pros: - fine dining with focus on zero waste - good food based on local ingredients - drink pairing includes various cocktails


- Maybe it is just me, but the chairs are not that comfortable

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