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Tango: a feast for the eyes and tastebuds!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We went to Tango on a beautiful July evening in 2023. The interior is dark but with playful lighting and big windows towards the city square Torget. The chairs are very comfortable, and this is appreciated as dining here usually takes a few hours. When we got there, I got a happy birthday card (which was a nice touch), and we got a bit of information about the set menu for the evening.

We got started with some snack and got waffles with sour cream and caviar (from Rossini caviar), small gel tarts with sour cream from local farm Jerseymeieriet topped with fish roe and a mushroom Takoyaki with mushroom from Topp Sopp and Konrad cheese from Stavanger ysteri . The Takoyaki was quite the umami taste bomb in other words. It was all served with Ruinart champagne so this was quite a start!

We continued with lightly flambéed scallop which is always a treat, served on white asparagus from Hvasser asparges . We kept to the seafood as the next dish was a firm piece of turbot served on a thick beurre blanc (a butter sauce) flavored with sea buckthorn! I love the zing of the sea buckthorn, and hence this was an amazing combination. We also got some dark bread soaked in brown butter and I made sure to use this to get all the sauce from my plate!

The following poached trout (sirdalsørret) was also delicious, and it was served with a butter sauce and was topped with a bit of horseradish. We ended the mains with a piece of tender suckling lamb (or dielam in Norwegian) from Klosterlam with some vegetables and a rich sauce! We also got some dessert of course! Some local strawberries served with a yogurt ice cream followed by canelé and some sort of malted ice cream.

All in all, an amazing meal at a restaurant with great service and a warm atmosphere. The food was a fest for the eyes and the tastebuds but I was maybe expecting the menu to be a bit more daring and experimental. From what I understand, the menu was toned down a bit due to summer vacation time so I guess we will have to return soon to try it again. Thank you for making it a memorable birthday dinner Tango!


Fine dining with great service in informal setting

Focus on use of good local ingredients


A menu that was toned down due to summer time

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