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Back at Spildr for seafood!

We have not been to Spildr since the opening last year (read about the previous visit here) and it was great to finally return on a sunny spring day. We were greeted and placed in the bar to start with, and you can order a drink while you get the first snack. I decided to have the Negroni Sbagliato but I think I have to admit that I like it more traditional so I will stick to the proper Negroni from now on.

The snack included a yellow fin tuna that was amazingly tender, and it was good with a small salmon taco. The menu is still set (in total 8 servings) and they also offer wine pairing. The atmosphere in the restaurant was good with great service from the sommelier, food presented by the chefs and easy listening old school pop music in the background.

We decided to have wine pairing and got a Loimer Loiserberg Grüner Veltliner to start with that was dry and full on minerality. First serving was a refreshing ceviche style halibut with apple and topped with an artwork made by dulse (a sort of seaweed). We continued with some fresh buns, but I have to say I was hoping for a repeat of the delicious Parker house rolls we had there the last time. But the bread was good and served with a mouthwatering cream cheese from Stavanger ysteri topped with onions, herbs and roe.

Another treat was up next: grilled crayfish served with variation of celeriac. The crayfish was maybe grilled a bit much, but the celeriac pickles and puree were good as accompaniment. This was served with a Fabien Coche Bourgogne Côte-d'Or Chardonnay that was delightful in both aroma and taste. As asparagus is in season, we got white asparagus, clipfish topped with a rich hollandaise cream and served with a safe bet of La Moussiére Sancerre. A lovely dish but I would have enjoyed a bit more clipfish in this mix. We got a glass of Winter Kloppberg Riesling GG and the next dish was a seafood risotto. This was a very satisfying dish with pieces of crab and intense tomatoes. But having said that – it was maybe satisfying as it was a bit on the salty side and the rice was a bit overcooked.

After a palate cleanser with a sorbet based on sea buckthorn (tindved) we got the main dish of the evening: a fried piece of ling served with Jerusalem artichokes and beets. The fish was good, but it was maybe not the grand finale to the meal that I was hoping for. We got a fruity red Trimbach Pinot Noir together with the fish and this worked quite well.

The final of the evening was rhubarb ice cream with meringue and almonds for dessert served with Tschida Sämling 88 Trockenbeerenauslese Ried Lüss.

The conclusion is that it was a good meal, but we do think it was better on our first visit and that there is room for some improvement. I am however, very grateful that we have a restaurant like Spildr in Stavanger! Norway has lots of good seafood and we need good restaurants like Spildr to showcase this.

Pros Great with a seafood fine dining restaurant Good wine and good service Great 80’s playlist

Cons Fixed menu Some portions are a bit small

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