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Back to Bravo!

Updated: Feb 20

We went to Bravo on opening night in October 2022 and were very impressed by the food and atmosphere. We finally returned to Pedersgata on a cold Saturday night in March 2023, and it was fantastic to come into the warm restaurant and to a lively atmosphere of groups enjoying food and drinks. The concept is still the same – a small menu with a few snack dishes and a few larger dishes. We decided to repeat what we did the last time: have a few dishes and just share it all!

We started with a crunchy toast of bread topped with ricotta and anchovies. I love my bread and it was awesome to bite into this toast and mix up the flavors of the salty anchovy and the mild ricotta – and the zest of lemon made it perfect! We continued with a grilled crayfish (sjøkreps) served with a lime mayo – this was so delightful that we ordered one more portion right away and I think we got the last one! The combination of the sweetness of the crayfish and the tangy lime mayo was amazing. Next up was a creamy crab salad that was good, but it would have been good if there was more taste of the crab.

The catch of the day was pollock served with browned butter and vegetables from Brimse gård and some hazelnuts to give a bit of crunch. Textbook example of how to make a white fish dish into a hedonistic delicacy – everything becomes delicious with browned butter! It was time for the last dish of the evening – a warming stew of chuck steak (høyrygg) with a potato puree.

The stew had flavors of spices like cinnamon and star anise, and it also had a bit of a kick. When we talked to the chef about this, it turned out that there was a bit of cayenne pepper in it. Bravo does have a decent wine list (including quite a few orange wines) and we had a charming and balanced Barbera D’Alba from Sandrone this evening.

At this point we were full, and we did not have room for dessert. Compliments to the small team at Bravo for making the delicious food for us. Owners Rakel and Daniel seems both confident and comfortable with running the restaurant and they take their time talking to the guests. The conclusion is that you should stop by Bravo both for the scrumptious comfort food and the vibrant ambience. We will absolutely return very soon!

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