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Spildr - the new seafood restaurant in Stavanger

We had the great pleasure of visiting the brand-new seafood restaurant Spildr last weekend - actually, the day after their official opening. As a coastal town, we should have more restaurants that focus on seafood! Spildr opens in an old office/administration building in Spilderhaugvigå (hence the name of the restaurant) and they have done a great job on refurbishing the house. There are stylish tiles and wooden floors, neutral toned-down colors on the walls, stylish retro furniture – so a modern Nordic look I guess.

The menu is set 6 course dinner (895 kroner) with the option of extras (e.g. caviar). They also had wine pairing and it seemed like there was a focus on low intervention wines – maybe this is just an inheritance from the closed down ANGR . First of the dish of the day was Parker House rolls and that might sound boring, but this was a fresh roll topped with a slice of smoked salmon from Janas and with sour cream from Jersey meieriet – for a bread lover like me, this was out of this world! The next dish was cod tartar with scallops, cucumber, and nori. The tartar was good, and the sliced raw scallops had a lovely consistency. We decided to have one of the extras on the menu and this was grilled langoustine with tarragon butter. This was done outside on the balcony on a Big Green Egg and I’m a bit puzzled why they can’t do it inside – I think they do that at K2. The langoustine turned out great with tender meat and the unmistakable flavors from being prepared over charcoal.

Next dish was cockles (hjerteskjell) and mussels (blåskjell) on sushi rice and with kimchi flavors. The kimchi gave it a bit of a kick but all in all I think that this dish was the weakest link of the meal. We continued with baked celeriac with a giant topping of caviar of Kalix (løyrom) – and with a generous pour of a kind of Hollandaise sauce. I think this dish was good as I like baked celeriac and I also enjoy a good butter-based sauce. The main dish and “catch of the day” was halibut served with chanterelle mushrooms in a rich sauce – served with a red wine from Occhipinti on Sicily. We rounded of the meal with ice cream on plums in Madeira – served with either a umeshu sake-based cocktail or an aged Spanish sweet wine.

There was a great atmosphere in the restaurant during the evening and the service was great. The only “problem” was that the noise level was high, and it was a bit tricky to hear what the sommelier was saying, but I can live with that. Congratulations to Spildr and chef Magnus H. Paaske on opening of a new and beautiful restaurant. It will be exciting to see how the restaurant develops in the coming years.

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