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At Daran Thai for spicy Thai food

Updated: Jun 28

We went to Daran Thai on a Wednesday early evening and there were only a couple of other guests when we walked in. The interior is a bit old school and might not be the coziest place for a dinner. The menu includes Thai dishes like Tom Kha Gai /Tom Yum Gung, spring rolls, curries, laab, Yum Woon Sen, Phad Thai etc. We ordered Tom Yum Gung as a starter to share , Som Tam and Gaeng Panaeng (Paneng curry). I like the idea that you can get curries with your choice of meat (or vegetarian) and you can also specify if you want it really mild or really hot. The Tom Yum Gung soup was served fast and this is a warming soup that is spicy and sour and is served with some shrimp. The soup was very good, but I found it to be a bit mild.

This was however not the case when I got my Som Tam. This papaya salad with shrimp was HOT – after all I did order it Thai spicy. The salad comes with shrimp and has a lemon sauce that is spicy, salty, sour and with a bit of sweetness. It was great to taste this salad again as I do like to eat it when I visit Thailand. The paneng curry with chicken was rich and quite spicy (but not like the Som Tam) and it was delicious to mix the curry with the rice and enjoy this. Kudos to Daran Thai for handing out hot plates to enjoy the food on! All in all this is a good place to head to enjoy some food if you want to think back to your visit(s) to Thailand – and you can get an ice cold Chang beer or Singha if the food gets a bit too spicy! 😉

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