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Flavorful, delicious and spicy - at Nora's Kitchen

Updated: Feb 21

As a part of the new year resolution, we stopped by Nora's Kitchen for midweek madness dinner. Nora’s Kitchen is located guessed it...Pedersgata and it is a small Pakistani/Indian restaurant. I think there are about 20 seats and the interior is decorated in a colorful, playful and charming way. This is a restaurant, but they also offer takeaway and catering. We decided to have a thali platter with lamb and I ordered the Achari chicken.

We got the food after about 20 minutes and I got a plate with rice and a bit of salad (looking a bit sad). The Achari chicken was very good with good pieces of chicken in a tangy and quite spicy masala sauce. The sauce was flavorful and tangy due to the achar added to the sauce I guess. We also got some achar as a side and this pickle mix was spicy and tangy! Nikki’s thali platter was also good with a lamb curry with tender meat, a spicy chana masala (a vegetarian chickpea curry), salad, rice and raita – I would say a lot of value for the money! I am not totally convinced about the garlic naan bread that we got and I love my bread (as some of you have noticed)! All in all, thanks for a flavorful, delicious, spicy and warming dinner on a Wednesday night Nora’s Kitchen!

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