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Trying Hara Masala at India Tandoori

Updated: Mar 28

It has been years since I stopped by India Tandoori but when I walked into the place, it seemed like time had stopped there. It looks exactly like I remember it but as they say “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”. The menu is quite extensive and many of the dishes are served with optional protein like chicken, beef, prawn, paneer etc. My friend decided in like two seconds what he wanted so I rushed a bit into my order. Our waiter seemed to switch between speaking Norwegian and English this evening. I don’t mind either way, but it seemed to create a bit of confusion.

The food was served fast, and we got a portion of steamed basmati rice along with the curries and nan bread. I tried Hara Masala paneer where the paneer cheese is house made and the gravy is without tomatoes. I think the gravy is made with cilantro, basil, cashews and cream and it was a rich and spicy sauce and lots of paneer. The naan bread selection is also extensive, and I chose the tandoori chicken – I should have just ordered garlic or plain as I didn’t feel that the chicken pieces added much to the naan experience. It was however good to have some naan bread to scoop up the sauce!

As the food was served in small pots, it is a perfect place to go if you want to share a bit of the food. My friend was not in the sharing mood, so I never got to taste his Gosht é Jahangiri that he ordered with beef (but came on the bill as the more expensive lamb option). Even if I have been to India a few times, I can’t claim to know that much about Indian food. But all in all my dish was rich, packed with flavors and was a good portion for 225 kroner.

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