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Trying south Indian food from Spisoh

The other day we had takeaway dinner from Spisoh - a fairly new place that focuses on food from southern India. We ordered online at and I was looking forward to trying Kerala fish soup but it was not available when it came to the menu itself. But there were other good things on the menu and we ordered Kozhi Milagu curry (a chicken curry), Kothu Parotta pot and English vegetable masala. You pick up the food from a kitchen located in the shade of a large silo in Stavanger. You can bring your own containers to get a 15% discount by the way.

Well at home we finally got to taste the food! I am not qualified to evaluate South Indian food but this was delicious. I have been to Singapore a few time and I have had some Indian food there. This is more Tamil based if I’m not mistaken and the food from Spisoh reminded me of this.

The chicken curry came with rice and the dish was rich and deliciously spicy. Kothu Parotta pot is a casserole with shredded parotta bread and in our case chicken and this one was also wonderfully spicy and was delicious combined with raita. The vegetable curry was also delicious and appeared more tomato based than the chicken curry but was also rich and spicy. The green salad was quite bland and I was also disappointed with Kerala Parotta (a flaky loaf of bread). Not that there was any problem with the bread - I was just hoping and dreaming that it would be a real Roti canai / roti paratha like you get in Malaysia and Singapore. But this bread was far thicker and firmer than what I am used to. Thank you for the food Spisoh - it was delicious with rich and a little strong Indian food again.

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