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Enjoying Indian food at Mogul India

We visited Mogul India on a Thursday afternoon / evening and as usual we had to make our way through the smokers from the Piren pub to get into the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was almost full but luckily, they had a table for us. The menu is quite extensive, and I like that they have a tasting menu every month so you can taste something a bit different and not only stick to the usual classics. We first got a small snack - poppadoms with various dips and it is always nice to have something to nibble on.

The food came pretty quickly, and I had a creamy cauliflower soup based on coconut milk and it was rich and not to spicy. Nikki took an appetizer from Tasting Menu and she got delicious tender lamb, chicken and a spinach cake. For main course I took a Seafood curry (Goa style). Again the dish was rich and packed with flavors and not as spicy as I thought it would be. There were large pieces of fish and scampi in this, but I would also like to see some vegetables in it. Nikki took a curry with lamb (Railway lamb curry) and here the lamb was incredibly tender! The dish was served with rice and we also ordered Laccha paratha - a wholegrain flaked bread that was served completely fresh and warm. The bread was good, but I still dream of finding a place in Stavanger that can make a real Roti canai like in Malaysia and Singapore 😉 Thanks for serving a delicious meal Mogul India!

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