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South Indian food at Spisoh

We have followed Spisoh for some time – and we have enjoyed their food from their various takeaway locations. Recently they opened a new place in Løkkeveien and now there is finally a restaurant where you can sit down to enjoy the food as it is served.

I went there with a friend in April 2023 and we started with a vegan samosa and kodi vepudu. The latter is a dry chicken fry with some onion and bell pepper and both dishes were good. It did not take long before the main dishes were ready, and I got to enjoy a Kozhi Milagu chicken curry, and it seems like this is a famous South Indian dish. It was packed with flavors, juicy chicken pieces and came with fluffy white rice! I also had to order some parotta – the South Indian bread that reminds me of the Roti Canai from Malaysia. It is a layered flat bread, and it is of course best when served fresh! I used this lovely bread to scoop up all that delicious sauce from the curry!

My friend had the chicken biriyani (Hyderabadi style) that were incredibly fragrant, had good chicken pieces and it was so light and fluffy! Thanks for introducing South Indian food to the people of Stavanger Spisoh! I'm glad that it is now possible to enjoy the food at your place instead of having to bring it home to eat it!


You get to taste South Indian food

Not just takeaway anymore

But you can still order it to be takeaway


The place needs some work to be restaurant cozy

Beer is not served (license to serve alcohol is in progress)

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