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Attending the opening of Renaa in Stavanger

Well, actually it is not only one new restaurant but two! Renaa Restauranter is 2 restaurants located where Craigs kjøkken and Jans mat og vinhus used to be located. Craigs went bankrupt this year I think but I think that Jans did OK but the whole place is now taken over by chef Sven Erik Renaa and that should hopefully spell success. He has been voted chef of the year, he has been on the Norwegian Bocuse d'Or and together with Jostein Medhus and Sebastian Myhre they seem to be quite a powerful team.

Anyway, the restaurant is split in 2: upstairs (in the former Craigs kjøkken) you can now find Renaa: Matbaren which seems to be a place for informal dining. Downstairs they have done a bit of work to the old Jans mat og vinhus place and this is now called Renaa: Restauranten and this will be the place for fine dining.

I had the pleasure to drop by the opening party held at the restaurant yesterday and we got to look around, drink some champagne and taste some samples of food that might be served when they open the restaurant. I think they have their first guests today and would you like to wish them the best of luck. I look forward to trying out the restaurant soon!

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