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Sharing small platters at Renaa Matbaren

Updated: Jun 26

Renaa Matbaren has received a lot of praise in newspapers and social media and due to this, it is not easy to get a table there. But we were lucky and got a table on a Wednesday night and got to sit "outside" in the airy atrium in Breitorget. What's nice about the brasserie menu is that you can order small platters of food and share these – and thus you can enjoy several good flavors. We got everything served at once and there were both hot and cold dishes. Some of the dishes were simple yet deliciously tasty – like heart salad with good balsamic vinegar and topped with parmesan shavings. We had leeks with smoked eel and hazelnuts, hamachi (or Yellowfin tuna) thinly sliced topped with a citrus and chili sauce, tomatoes with stracciatella cheese and ham and not least: French snails with parsley and garlic butter. This was served with a delicious piece of bread – it should have been just a little more so that we could have scraped up all the good juice around the snails. Thank you for a great meal Renaa Matbaren – it is always a delicious experience to eat with you.

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