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Fish & Cow has gotten a makeover!

Updated: Jan 10

Fish & Cow has been a part of the Stavanger restaurant scene for many years. There have been periods where the menu has not been that creative, and due to this, we have not stopped by for a while. But during Easter of 2023, the restaurant and menu got a makeover. When we stopped for a light meal on a Saturday night in April 2023, I was pleased to see the makeover result! The interior has been changed quite a bit but it was the menu that was most important to us. The menu seems to have gotten a bit bigger and there were several things on the menu that looked very tempting! We got some good wine from the talented sommelier Jonathan before the food was served.

The carrot hummus was both beautiful to look at and it was a scrumptious dish. The pita bread on the side was fresh and still warm and had an amazing aroma from the josper grill. The same aromas were also present in the deboned chicken served with a creamy mash! The steak tartare was also beautiful with a bit of a bite from the mustard! Congratulations on a great makeover of both the interior and menu Fish & Cow. We will be back to try out more of the menu! And by the way: keep an eye on their IG account as the new concept Polka will open in Torgterrassen Stavanger soon!


Tempting menu including seafood and meat options

Located in the heart of Stavanger

Jonathan knows a lot about wine


It is popular – make sure to book your table

Can be very busy and loud

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