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Back to nOi

It has been a while since we stopped by nOi in Sandnes. To start with, it was an Italian restaurant, but now it is a gastropub/restaurant with a quite a few Asian street food items on the menu. They still have large pizza oven, and hence you can get your pizza cravings satisfied. We went to nOi on a weeknight and the menu seems to be focused on small dishes and food to share, which was perfect for us. We decided to have dumplings, chicken kaarage, sweet and spicy wings and a mini burger.

It did not take long for the food to be served and I was thrilled to get chicken kaarage again after enjoying this at e.g. Noodle Noodle a couple of times. It is a Japanese dish where lightly coated chicken pieces are deep fried in oil and served with some mayo. The nOi kaarage did not disappoint at all – but I have had kaarage that has been juicier. We also enjoyed the sweet and spicy wings, and they even came with plastic cloves to avoid getting the hands sticky! The spicy dumplings were not as spicy as the name might indicate and was a mix of chicken and pork that was tasty. The small burger (or should we just call it slider maybe?) came with Gruyère cheese, BBQ sauce, aioli and a mild jalapeno. Thanks for the food nOi! I love the concept of small portions to share and there were lots of other things on the menu that I would have loved to try (e.g. the carrots, the garlic buns, the crispy duck, the Thai salad etc. ). I will definitely stop by again and next time I will bring some friends to order more food to taste and share 😉

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