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Enjoying Vietnamese food at An Nam

The Vietnamese restaurant An Nam opened in Pedersgata in Stavanger earlier this year and we finally got to stop by to try their regular menu. I was very happy to see that An Nam was packed – even on a Thursday night. The venue is still the same with some bright neon signs here and there, some wall paintings with streets scenes from Vietnam and tables in various sizes.

I started out with grilled beef in aromatic betel leaves that were good and in perfect bite size pieces. I also shared the grilled pork summer rolls and I also enjoyed this – I prefer these rice paper rolls over the deep-fried spring rolls as it feels lighter. and fresher with the various herbs. My main dish was sizzling pot fish that I found excellent. The fish came sizzling hot in a spicy and rich broth and was served with some rice on the side. Note that the fish is not a filet, so you have to be prepared to dig out a few bones. It was also great to see that you could get various Asian beers like Bia Saigon Export (Vietnam), Chang (Thailand) and Red Horse (Philippines) – but where is the 333? 😉 Thanks An Nam for good food and a flashback to Vietnam.

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