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Baos and dumpling at "new" Yips

I've been to Yips a couple of times before but recently I had the opportunity to visit them again – and this time in new surroundings. The previous venue (which was only 100 meters further down the road) was not that cozy, but the new place is better. The new restaurant is divided into zones, more colors and lights and of course more Lucky cats! We got there for an early dinner on a Tuesday afternoon, and I was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was almost full! The menu is similar to the previous one – i.e. focus on bao, dumplings, poke bowls, ramen and combo menus (a bit of everything).

We weren't that hungry, so we ordered a couple of bao each, some dumplings, and some fries. The food was served after about 20 minutes, and I started with Siu Mai dumplings (what exactly is the difference between dumplings and dim sum anyway?) and luckily my skills with chopsticks are still intact. I love these small, tasteful bites even though the combination of shrimp and pork sounds completely strange. Bao (or steamed buns as it is also called) is also a delicious dish. Baos are small, round flat "buns" that are steamed and then filled with various contents. I had one with chicken and it came with pickled carrot, a bit of spicy mayo and a piece of chicken. I've tasted chicken bao even more juicy at Yips before, but it was still a good snack. The other bao was pulled pork with five spices, kimchi, and spicy mayo – again a delicious little dish. I also got some kimchi fries with chili mayo, and they were completely fresh, with good crunch and a bit spicy due to kimchi spices. Thanks for a delicious meal, Yips! It was nice to visit once again to eat “dumplings & digg”

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