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Takeaway from Yips Sola

We have tried Yips in Stavanger a couple of times (see this review) and we have been impressed by their dumplings and bao (steamed buns). Recently, Yips opened a new place and this time in Sola (just outside of Stavanger) and we decided to check it out on a weekday, and we decided to just do it as takeaway. The restaurant does have some tables so you can actually eat at the restaurant but it seems like it is more popular as a takeaway place.

We decided to try both dumplings and bao once again and I ordered the siumai dumpling (pork and shrimp) and 4 baos (classic, salmon, chicken and BBQ braised pork). We ordered at the restaurant and we were told that it would take about 15 minutes and that was correct as it was ready when we returned to pick it up.

The siumai dumplings were delicious. Mixing pork and shrimp in a dumpling might sound a bit weird but it is certainly something that I find to be delicious. As it came in a small plastic container, it also stayed warm even until we reached home which was a bonus for me. The baos had started to cool off by the time that we got home which is a shame – they are best when they are fresh. I stared with the classic and this is pork belly with hoisin sauce. I love pork belly but this one was a bit too firm for me liking or maybe I was just expecting it to be more tender. The salmon bao was also a bit of a surprise as I thought that the salmon was going to be a bit seared, but it was raw salmon. This is not a problem; I just think it tastes a bit better when it is seared a bit. We moved on to the chicken and this was amazing. The chicken was very tender and juicy perfect with a bit spicy mayo as a sauce. The BBQ braised pork was also very delicious with the sweetness of the BBQ pork as a contrast to the chili mayo sauce.

All in all, Yips makes some beautiful and delicious portions of food and even if everything was not totally to my liking this time, I can still recommend that you give them a try. In addition to making baos and dumplings, they also make ramen, poke bowls, noodles and more. So, if you want to have a taste of Asia. Head to Yips in either Pedersgata or Sola to get your fix!



Location: Solakrossvegen 10 - see this Google map

Price: 400 kroner (41 USD) for 4 baos (with fries) and dumplings.

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